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With publicity hype, the large groups were able to convince the public that they were providing miracle and practical solutions to make our everyday lives easier.

But at what cost ?

We now know that, under the pretext of making our daily lives better, they have done exactly the opposite.

By introducing into their products a multitude of chemical components, petroleum derivatives with unpronounceable names and other synthetic fragrances, they have polluted our existence to the point of making humans and the planet sick.

Cancer, autism, allergies of all kinds have appeared with the advent of industrial products.

Like air pollution and the loss of ecosystems and biodiversity. In fact, by passing through our wastewater, these toxic products contribute to the pollution of groundwater and oceans. Beyond pollution, we now know that they do not always respect workers’ conditions and that animals used for industrial trade suffer abuse and stress on a daily basis.

Facilitate the ecological transition and make it accessible to all

At Simple Things, we have considered solutions to remedy these phenomena. We have made it a point of honor to contribute to the ecological transition and to bequeath a healthy and fair world to future generations. A world where butterflies continue to forage, cows to run in the meadows and bees to make honey …

It is about offering cleaning and ecological products just as effective which do not have the disadvantage of destroying our planet and damaging our health, reducing our waste as much as possible and working only with companies that respect the same values ​​that we.

Natural raw materials that respect the environment

We remembered that our grandmothers always had crisp linens, shiny dishes, and sparkling faucets when they didn’t have all those chemicals. Our ecological thinking therefore led us to look for their recipes in order to find sustainable solutions for natural maintenance that clean just as effectively and for home decoration.

Our leitmotiv being “homemade” and waste reduction, we seek to make handcrafted products available to as many people as possible, from natural raw materials and without unnecessary packaging. Mother Nature providing us with all the ingredients necessary for their preparation, we have developed our recipe for natural laundry which consists of only three ingredients which are Marseille soap, baking soda and soda crystals, natural washing pods and dish cake that can clean all surfaces, and effectively fight against limescale. All of our eco-friendly household products are safe for our health or the planet, and they are environmentally friendly and have not been tested on animals.

Main qui touche un brin de lavande

An eco-responsible & ready-to-use kit !

We also remembered that as children we would take our bottles of lemonade and other drinks back to the grocery store.

In turn, she would return them to the distributor who brought them back to the factory for cleaning and reconditioning.

These practices having unfortunately disappeared, we have chosen to bring them up to date.

It is for this reason that we have chosen to package our natural detergent in glass bottles. Reusable and refillable bottles with our eco-friendly natural laundry kit.

Our natural detergent is ready to use, all you need to do is add water. It is equally effective on white, colored and black laundry and at any temperature.

Sustainable accessories

To go further, we took the time to look for small family businesses , on a human scale that share our ecological values ​​, in order to offer a whole range durable accessories such as eco-sprays to make your  natural recipes based on white vinegar and citrus peels such as lemons or oranges or any other liquid preparations to be prepared directly in the amber and bio-plastic glass bottle, bags for your shopping in drugstore or zero waste grocery store and many others eco-accessories to discover. We are extremely proud to have found drying balls made in Canada when almost all of it comes from China. In addition to being reusable dozens of times and then compostable, they reduce the cycle time of the dryer and thus reduce power consumption. You can also add a few drops of organic essential oils to naturally scent your laundry. Because every little eco-responsible gesture is important, you can count on us to help you achieve them.

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